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Bandhani Saree

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You can’t imagine India has lots of type’s different regions and peoples, and all regions have a different type of traditional cloth wear style. India Is a hub of different styles of traditional sarees and Bandhani saree one of them traditional saree style of Gujarat.

Bandhani sarees also called as bandhej saree, so don’t be confused in both of them, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh women called bandhej saree.

The art of Bandhni has its roots in the parched soil of Gujarat. The heart-touching beauty of bandhej was soon revered by women in the states of Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. It hails from a time when the Rajas and Maharajas ruled the holy soil of India. These sarees were treasured by women in those days as they had an exclusive artistic and creative value.

Bandhej sarees are precisely prints created on saree using tie and dye technique. These types of drapes come in vibrant colors that can instantly brighten up the visage of any age of a woman.

Every bandhani saree print is handcrafted print. Craftsmen with their mastery, employed threads to tie tight knots in a certain pattern on the entire canvas of the bandhani saree. This fabric was then dipped into a tub of color to give it an endearing hue. It was then scheduled to be air-dried for a certain amount of time before the knots were finally untangled from the drape.

What is Bandhej sarees?

The word Bandhani/ Bandhni (बांधानी) comes from the Hindi and Sanskrit words ‘Bandhna’ and ‘Bandha’, those words meaning ‘tying’ or ‘to tie’. Bandhej is a variation (Similar) of the bandhani word. Bandhani saree refers to the traditional Indian “tie and dye” art (a resist-dyeing technique that uses impermeable threads for tying), used to produce beautiful, fine circular patterns on fabrics of cloth.

How to wear bandhani sarees?

Lots of people are don’t know how to wear bandhani saree perfectly to look slim and beautiful, that’s why I added this video.

bandhani sarees

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