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Black Color Sarees


Black is one of the most popular colors in clothing. People love to wear black outfits to look bold and charming. As much as in western wear, black is also trending in eastern wear. Its usage in ethnic clothing is all the rage. Black color sarees are style worthy and elegant.

They can give an unmatchable, enticing look to the wearer.  They come in a wide variety. You can shop for your favorite black saree at Yuvina Fashion. We have a gorgeous collection of black color sarees suitable for any occasion.


Black signifies power, mystery, strength, and elegance. It is an overwhelming hue which gives a strong impact with any type of outfit. It has the ability to make attractive contrast with all colors. Some popular color combinations with black are; white, red, blue, yellow, silver and also with golden.

The stigma attached to black since ages is now fading away. It is not considered just a symbol of grief anymore. In fact, it has become a top choice for elegant part wear. Both western and eastern cultures have destigmatized black and embrace it now.

The feel this color gives is sensuous and sleek. It is also known to help your complexion seem fairer. You can choose all black apparel to give depth to your aura.  It will enhance your charm and give you an alluring look.


A sultry black saree with minimal accessories is all you need for a sophisticated look. One can choose black saree as a style statement for any event. Depending upon its type and design, these are suitable for parties and weddings alike.

 A sober monotone saree with intricate border work can be a choice for office parties or receptions. On the other hand, traditional sarees in black can be fit for weddings and religious festivals. Also, wearing a black saree for farewell is a trend. We have in stock all kinds of sarees keeping the diversity in mind.


women of all ages and backgrounds love black sarees. It is a must-have color in every woman’s wardrobe. The feminity and charm it executes attract everyone. All attention goes to the lady who enters the event wearing a black saree. Our saree collection comprises of following types:

  • Saree with a contrasting border:

Several colors are popular in combination with black.  We have black sarees with golden, red, and silver borders. They impart a ravishing look.

  • Plain black:

monotone, simple black saree is also on our collection. It is one of the top-sellers. This shows the public demand for black attires.

  • Silk saree:

black silk sarees are available in a variety of designs. We have Kanchipuram and Banarasi silk sarees in this color. Moreover, cotton silk is also available.

  • Black designer saree:

We have high-quality sarees in black color from our label. Their unique designs and aesthetic appeal will be eye-catching.  Black designer sarees for a wedding are also on our portal.

  • Net sarees:

Black+net+saree is a magnificent combo clothing loved by celebrities and everyone else. When you mix these three, the result is too hot to handle! If you want to enhance your sensuality on any occasion, go for a net saree in black.

  • Georgette saree:

As light and manageable fabric, Georgette remains the top choice for saree lovers. Our alluring black sarees in Georgette are a great choice.

  • Chiffon saree:

No one can deny the qualities of chiffon sarees. They are light, sheer, easy to drape and attractive. They are available in a wide variety to choose from. Will make heads turn for you at the next event.

  • Kalamkari saree:

 A kalamkari is a form of block printing in India. It involves printing flowers, paisleys and religious deities on the fabric. Kalamkari sarees look ethnic and beautiful. 

  • Printed black saree:

Printed black sarees are available in abundant variety. Eye-catching prints in this color will surely leave you wondering which one to choose.

Whether a black and white combo is on your mind for your next event or a black embroidered saree, we have got you covered. We bring appealing designs in this color. Shop now from Yuvina Fashion from the comfort of your couch. Get your saree delivered at your doorstep.

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