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Cotton Sarees


The fabric cotton is the other name for ultimate comfort. It is the airiest fabric suitable for the hot climate of the Indian subcontinent. Therefore, cotton sarees are the topmost preferred sarees here.

Pure cotton sarees are a classic. It’s easily available in rich colors and all kinds of embroidery. As a result, they are ideal for formal wear also. In fact, their market is vast today with the emergence of designer sarees.

At Yuvina Fashion, we have a variety of plain, printed and embroidered cotton sarees. From the beautiful bandhani, banarasi, Chanderi and Kota style to the fancy south Indian, Bengali and pure sarees, you will see breathtaking designs from our collection. Do not underestimate cotton! Here at Yuvina Fashion, these sarees are going to bedazzle you. Choose ones that are suitable even for weddings, formal events, as well as religious festivities.


  • Chanderi sarees:  in Madhya Pradesh, Chanderi is a small town where weavers produce these beautiful sheer sarees in cotton fabric with delicate zari work. Saree hoarders think of it as essential to their collection due to its pleasing style.
  • South Indian sarees:  one more variation in cotton is the beautiful and famous Chettinad saree.
  • Bandhani sarees:  The makers use traditional tie and dye technique to make bandhani sarees which produces an exquisite design on fabric. They are breathtakingly beautiful.
  • Banarasi sarees:  famous all over the world for the beautiful silver and gold zari work on them, cotton sarees from Banaras are one of the finest sarees in India.
  • Kota sarees: Kota Doria is one of a kind and is popular for their unique style, with square patterns called khats on them.


  • Cotton sarees are so versatile and magnificent. They look so fashionable as pleating and pallu styles look appealing on them.
  • The soft texture of cotton makes it bearable on the skin in all kinds of weather. It’s natural therefore feels good on the skin, unlike synthetic fabrics which give a harsh feel.
  • you can wear them as casual daily wear. You are free to do any kind of work while wearing them.
  • It is an airy and cool fabric, making it ideal summer wear.
  • rich colors like red, green, blue, pink, yellow, green, purple, black can be dyed on cotton. It is also the most suitable fabric for all kinds of embroidery making them appealing as formal wear.
  •  There is mass cultivation of cotton in India. Moreover, cotton spinning is easier as compared to synthetic fabric. As a result, these sarees are cheaper than other fabrics. Especially at Yuvina Fashion, you get them at the best price!
  • Cotton sarees are easy to wash and dry quickly, which makes them easy to maintain.
  •  They are durable and strong and can last for decades without any wear and tear. This is the reason, why most heirloom sarees are of cotton.

Buy your favorite pure cotton saree now at Yuvina Fashion and get amazing quality delivered at your doorstep.

How To Wear Cotton Saree Perfectly?

cotton sarees

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