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Jute Sarees


Jute sarees are a trendy variation in traditional Indian sarees. They hold a special place in the heart of Indian women because of their silken texture and durability. Not only do they look beautiful on every body type, but also the sober look they give is unmatchable. Many Bollywood celebrities wear them occasionally. This shows how popular and in demand jute sarees have become nowadays.


  • Jute is a natural fiber grown in large quantities in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and China. India is the largest producer of jute crop. It is the second most cultivated natural fiber after cotton.
  • Due to the softness and luster of jute fiber, it is also known as the “Golden fiber”.
  • It is a recyclable fiber, thus it is eco-friendly. 
  • The fabric is strong therefore sarees made of jute last long.
  • The texture of this cloth is slightly coarse yet breathable.
  • Moreover, when blended with other fabrics, jute tends to get even more manageable.
  • Jute is easy to dye and is a colorfast cloth means it doesn’t lose its color after washing.
  • Due to the high amount of its production in India, jute is quite inexpensive. Sarees made from it are very reasonable.
  • On the other hand, they are available in several varieties which makes them no less than pricey fabrics.
  • Jute sarees pull off the dignified look well. Hence, it is the number one choice for women opting for a sober look. It is, however, crucial to do neat pleating on saree made with jute to enhance its beauty.
  • Not only they are in demand for casual wear but are also suitable for formal wear.


At Yuvina Fashion, we have a wide variety of jute sarees for online purchases. If you were planning to buy a nice one for your wardrobe, you won’t get disappointed by us for sure. Below is a list of all types available at our portal.

  • Jute silk: fine jute and silk fibers, woven together results in beautiful jute silk. Sarees of this fabric have a gorgeous natural shine and silky softness. They are available in many styles. The most trendy among these are plain and with golden border.
  •       Jute net: jute net is a unique combination and sarees made of this fabric look wonderfully elegant. Unlike the delicate net fabric, the jute net sarees are strong and durable. Above all, they are tear proof and easy to dye. Available in blue, green, golden and other beautiful colors only at Yuvina Fashion.
  • Jute Pattu:  they are a lightweight variation in this fabric. High-quality Jute Pattu sarees are popular all over India. Their exquisite style makes them a suitable choice for formal events
  • Jute cotton: jute and cotton blend produces a comfortable casual wear fabric. Specifically, it is a great option for casual attire. Jute cotton sarees are a blessing for women who wear saree domestically. As a matter of fact, breathability and softness allow these women to be comfortable.

Browse the amazing yet affordable range of jute sarees online at Yuvina Fashion. Select and order from the solace of your home and get it delivered to your doorstep. 

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