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Kanchipuram Sarees

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Kanchipuram sarees are one type of Indian Traditional saree type. If you are a crazy fan of Indian traditional clothes? then you are at the right palace. Because of Yuvina Fashion provides all types of sarees at a low price.

We have a separate collection of all types kanjivaram saree like pure Kanchipuram silk sarees, Kanchipuram pattu sarees, much more. Also we offer kanjivaram sarees in different colors such as cream, white, off white, blue, red and yellow.

Yuvina fashion is an online cloth store. Here you will get all types of sarees, lehenga choli, salwar kameez and much more.

kanjivaram saree specialty

kanjivaram sarees are the most attractive sarees in the world. When you wear any one saree in our above saree collection, then everyone will be alluring their eyes at you. That time you will be looking very beautiful so they will start to compliment you for your saree. These sarees are not only famous and attractive as bridal wear in South India but also worn in other states on various occasions.

Kanjeevaram sarees are in demand in North India and the Northeast. Kanchipuram silk saree is quite similar to Banarasi silk sarees. Both sarees are famous as they have vibrant colors and excellent borders with temple patterns.

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What is Kanchi Pattu Saree?

Kanchipuram saree is one type of south Indian traditional saree made in Tamil Nadu. These sarees are specially made for special occasions for Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh women’s. In a 2005-06 government of India announced this sarees as a Geographical indication. This sarees also called as kanjivarm and Kanchi pattu saree.

This type of clothing is prepared with special care. Kanjivarm saree is weaved with threads of fine fabrics and finishing is mind blowing with different types of patterns. We have various types of top Kanchipuram Bollywood designer style sarees collection. we collect only top-notch collection only for you.

How to check kanjivaram Silk Saree?

I noticed out on my friends and also on my competitor’s website lots of people have shared their negative feedback. Most of the negative feedback about wrong saree, low-quality cloth and don’t original saree (Fake saree). We don’t want those types of reviews on our products that are the reason we check all sarees manually before shipping. And also we offer to our customers check their sarees before pay.

You can check your saree by using lots of methods. We check each and every sarees by using the following test:

  • The Burn Test.
  • Laboratory Test.
  • Luster and smoothness Test.

We offer to us every customer return policy within 30 days. According to our policy, you can exchange your product or get your money back.

Kanjeevaram silk saree is a very famous exclusively designer saree in India. This saree especially wear special occasions and reasons. Mostly Benagi women wear these types of saree on weddings, college annual function and also on any festivals. Mostly in Bengali wedding, Kajeevaram and Banarasi silk sarees are most common because of these types of sarees are made intrinsic kind of handwork, embroidery work and zari work, these types of works make this sarees more beautiful.

How to wear South Indian silk saree?

Lots of peoples are aware to wear saree perfectly. They buy expensive sarees but they don’t wear perfectly to look more beautiful. You don’t do that type of mistake that’s why here I added short video for you to teach saree wearing.

Kanchipuram sarees

Other Region Sarees Types:

We offer different-different types of region sarees at affordable prices and also in different styles and all colors.

However, in India, we have lots of different types of regions and cast. Every cast has its own cloth wearing style. But sarees are the most common cloth in all cast.

Sarees are common wear but every region has different types of saree wearing styles. And it very hard to purchase different-different regions sarees from one place. But here we have all types of region, style, and collection.

Above you will get the best Kanchipuram saree collection. you must check it out.