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Net Sarees


Who doesn’t love net sarees? It’s the ultimate choice of Indian women for formal and semi-formal events. The demand for net sarees is increasing with time due to their versatility and proper demeanor. They drape in a very elegant style. Moreover, they are available in abundant varieties in India. As variety is the spice of life, net sarees are a go-to option for ladies looking for a new saree.



Net is a fabric in the form of mesh. The looming machines knot the threads where they are intersecting. This creates the mesh pattern which is a distinct feature in the net. The sections between knots stay open. Hence the breathability is increased.


The first discovery of net and its use in apparel is not certain. Though one can safely say that the first observation of a net saree was in the Pre Mughal era. It is a fabric which is in use for making dresses and layering them since ancient times. Firstly, it was handmade only. But after the invention of machines, things got easier and faster in terms of net manufacturing.


The texture of the fabric totally depends on which thread is used to make it. Pure silk and cotton net is a lot smoother and sober than synthetic varieties. The silk net or cotton net is natural and organic. Thus, it is way better for the skin. On the other hand, nylon and polyester net are a bit coarse and crisp. They are perfect for creating layers in sarees and other dresses to add volume.


Uses of the net are as diverse as its types. It has been in use for dressmaking for centuries. Particularly, the use of net bridal apparel is usual. Other uses of net include upholstery making for example curtains, throws and cushion covers.

Use in saree:  

Net saree is a fine, rich addition to the saree clan. Especially, in India, it has immense popularity. This explains the vast variety of net sarees which are available nowadays. Urban women, particularly, have an affinity towards net sarees and they opt to wear it on special occasions. Women can be spotted wearing net saree for weddings, parties, formal dinners, corporate events, farewells, etc.


If you desire a sensual yet ethnic look for an event, you are just in the right place. At Yuvina Fashion, we have a large collection of every type of net sari. Be it a fancy net saree for a farewell party, or a breathtaking one for your friend’s birthday party, we have it all. We have the following variety available in affordable rates and high quality assured.

Types of Net Sarees

  •   Net with stonework: stonework is one of the most traditional embroideries in India. craftsmen incorporate various kinds of delicate stones in the fabric. Most common stones for this work are Swarovski crystals. The designs are intricate and rich. Net sarees with stonework are gorgeous and perfect for wedding events.
  •   Full net plain saree: they have a class of their own. They give a sensuous look, but they can be beautifully ethnic as well. As a quote goes; “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. Simple plain sarees of net define a wearer’s simple yet classy side.
  •   Net saree for the wedding: incorporation of net fabric in luxurious wedding sarees is very common. Furthermore, the layers and volume it adds to the sarees are magnificent.
  •   Net georgette saree: the combination of georgette and net is a great option for formal and casual wear sarees equally.
  •   Net saree Bollywood inspired: a number of Bollywood actresses regularly don beautiful net sarees every now and then. Now, even you can buy those designs and flaunt it like a diva. Bollywood inspired sarees in the net fabric are available for you just a click away.
  •   Banarasi Jute Net: net fabric made of jute fiber is a very popular choice for Banarasi sarees. These sarees look festive and traditional besides having a crisp feel to them.
  •   Patola Jute Net: ethnic patola style sarees are available in jute net cloth.
  •   Printed Net: beautiful and diverse prints are available in printed net sarees to woo you. Wear them on any occasion to make heads turn.

It should be noted that the net fabric is very delicate and fine. Nevertheless, it can easily pull off a heavy look. Choose a beautiful piece from Yuvina Fashion collection now and get it at your doorstep.

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How to Wear Net Sarees?

net sarees

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