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Paithani Sarees

Buy Paithani Sarees Online

If you are looking for Paithani saree then you reached the right palace because we offer a wide range of Paithani saree in a unique design and kaleidoscope-colored shade and at an affordable price that is more popular among women who love to wear these sarees for their traditional values.

Paithani sarees also one of the traditional region saree of Maharashtra. Paithani sarees made in Aurangabad, by using silk and golden threads, which add to the affluent appeal of these sarees and its region sarees of Aurangabad. These sarees are known as “pride of Maharashtra”, the tradition of weaving Paithani sarees dates back to the ancient times. It is one of the most luxuriant of saree styles in India and is a top choice amongst Indian women for various festive gatherings.

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On you will get lots of different types of pithani such as tathastu paithani, semi pithani, pithani silk saree with attractive border and pallus and much more. The borders feature a range of fashionable designs, like geometrical patterns, flower-like motifs, and ladder designs, outline of birds, including peacock, maina and lots of others, and also available in different-different colours such as red, yellow, lavender, magenta, purple, pearl pink, yellowish green, violet red, peacock and also in combinations of green and red and white and Black. We have lots of more large wide range of sarees collection you should check out our Sarees collection page.

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How to Wear Pitani Saree?

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In this video, you will get the best step by step details guide to wearing pitani saree.

Paithani Sarees

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