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Patola Sarees

Patola Sarees Online

Sarees are the most beautiful and graceful wearing type of India, some of the sarees are India’s pride sarees and patola saree is one of them. When we look deep in the Indian state story, we will find all state has owner benchmark saree, Patola saree is one of the traditional saree of Gujarat state. The traditional drape not only accentuates the best qualities in saree to you, but it also downplays any flaws that you are usually conscious about saree. These sarees are also known as Ikat saree because its composition is done with the help of double- Ikat weave on silk fabric.

It’s very hard to buy pure patola saree out of Gujarat and also in Gujrat at one place, that’s why we collect all types of patola sarees at one palace on and save your lots of precious time, here you will get designer patola sarees, net patola saree, double ikat patola sarees, handloom patola silk saree, printed patola saree and much more.

What is patola saree?

Patola is a double ikat woven sari, usually made up of complex dyeing and weaving methods from silk, this saree made in Patan, Gujarat, India. The word patola is the plural form word, the singular is patolu. In Rajasthan, the same saree is known as Bandhani saree, but in Gujarat, it is popular as the name of Patola saree. This type of saree producing is a very hard and long process to produce. Tie and dye process involves a lot of colors and designs. If anything is dyed then its color will fade with a later time, that’s the reason why it is done on the Silk fabric. The Patola silk sarees are durable and give a heavy effect on this saree, that’s why everyone loves this saree to much.

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How to wear Patola saree?

In this video, you will get details information about Gujrati Patola saree, which you want to know about that.

Patola Sarees

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