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Printed Sarees


Everyone knows the Indian women’s affinity for appealing printed fabrics.  They are fond of printed apparel and buy them regularly. From the wonderful block prints to the fine digital prints, a limitless variety is available in printed sarees.

Textile printing is a booming industry in India. Several types of prints have been developed over the years. Handprints are classical and authentic. Whereas, machine prints are precise and durable. The textile industry produces them in mass quantity.

Here we are talking about printed saree! They are the most diverse category of the traditional Indian sarees. Certainly, printed sari is one of the top favorite attires in India.

The patterns tend to give a solid statement of the person wearing them. Thus, they signify expression through clothes.


  • Suitability for occasions:

Stylists and designers vouch for the fact that printed sarees are suitable for all kinds of events. Opt for a pretty chevron print saree for a welcome dinner. Or you can select a floral print saree for your relative’s dinner party. For domestic wear, stripes and polka dots look suitable.

  • Look and style:

As mentioned above, printed sarees convey the personality of the woman wearing it. For instance, a print of big flowers shows the bold and festive side of one’s nature. Similarly, a fine print of swirls shows the delicate nature of a person. They look very stylish and decorative.

  • Pairing options:

There can be many options for pairing with these sarees. According to your choice and liking, you can select from the following types of blouses.

  1.     Plain silk blouse
  2.     Plain cotton blouse
  3.     Velvet blouse
  4.     Frill blouse (frilled sleeves on the plain blouse)
  5.     Sleeveless blouse
  6.     Full sleeves blouse
  7.     Half sleeves blouse
  8.     Satin blouse.
  9.     Double shaded blouse.

Additionally, various kinds of borders are suitable for printed sarees such as,

  1. Satin border
  2. Golden borer
  3. Black border
  • Fabric options:

printed sarees are available in all fabrics. Excellent quality cotton, silk, linen, chiffon, georgette, net, and satin printed sarees are available on our portal.

  • Versatility:

Exclusive patterns, styles, and colors are available in printed sarees. As a result, they meet the requirements of both formal and casual wear. With recent innovations in designs, they are also a popular option for wedding wear.

  • Bollywood factor:

Several top-notch actresses are spotted wearing beautiful printed sarees at public appearances. This gives a bold statement about them. It helps them shine out among the crowd. Among many others, our assortment has the pretty floral saree worn by Kangana Ranaut, an aesthetic polka dot organza saree worn by Kareena and a pretty daisy print organza saree worn by Katrina on a recent event.


Types of printed sarees are numerous. Not only the prints are various, but also the fabrics and styles in these sarees are unlimited. We have a unique and absolutely gorgeous collection of printed sarees for our valuable customers. Indeed, there is something to suit everyone’s liking. Have a look at the following types on our portal and get mesmerized by the eye-catching designs:

  • printed silk:

These include Mysore, Tussar, poly silk, Chanderi silk sarees.

  • printed cotton:

pure cotton sarees in stunning prints are in our collection. Among them is the famous Chanderi cotton silk saree.

  • kalamkari:

it is an exclusive style where flowers, peacocks and religious deities are printed by hand on the fabric. These types of sarees are deep rooted in Indian culture and are very popular for religious festivals.

  • Digital printed:

digital print is the talk of the town nowadays. The impact of digital printing in sarees is going great. They are among the best sellers. Most common fabrics for digital prints include cotton linen. Organza and silk.

  • Hand block printed:

block printing is the oldest printing technique. Wooden blocks with dye create patterns on sarees. They give an earnest look to the wearer.

  • Designer printed:

we have exclusive designer sarees in marvelous prints in our collection

  • Floral printed:

floral prints look beautiful, breathtaking and very feminine. Among our floral print collection, we have organza, chiffon, georgette and silk sarees.

  • Plain sarees with printed blouse:

this is a very popular trend nowadays. plain sarees with a printed blouse look very sober and appealing at the same time.

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How To Wear Printed Sarees?

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