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Satin Sarees


Satin is a wonderfully soft, smooth and silky fabric. So much so that the word “satin” is used as an example to describe the softness of anything. The silken feel of satin makes it dominant over other fabrics. It’s luxurious and has a beautiful shiny finish and satin sarees are very smooth and comfortable for wear.



The fabric signifies absolute softness. Its soft feel comes from the typical “satin weave” of silk fiber.  It is a unique type of weave which produces a glossy front surface and a dull back surface. 


The discovery of satin traces back to the late Middle Ages. It got popular in Europe first. After it, satin became a common fabric in Arab countries.  

Texture and qualities

Satin is luxuriously soft. It has two sides. One being the silky upper side and the other is the dull lower side. It is not a breezy fabric. However, it is a cool fabric which is why it is ideal for summer weddings as well. Pure satin is not easy to dye in all colors unlike other fabrics made of silk.

Natural or synthetic satin

Initially, the satin weave was possible with silk fiber. Thus, pure satin was and still is very expensive. With the advent of nylon and polyester, manufacturers also started using these for satin. As a result, a synthetic variant was formed which was durable besides being cheaper.


The smooth fabric is perfect for wedding gowns, luxury nightwear, inner lining for luxury wear and sarees. The textile industry also uses it for bedsheets and curtains. Whenever we see any kind of apparel in satin, it gives a luxury feel.

Use in sarees

Particularly, women of Indian subcontinent love satin sarees a lot. They are fond of various types of sarees in this fabric. Not only it has drapes elegantly but also the quality of enhancing curves. Women regularly buy them for formal occasions.


Explore the wonderful collection of satin sarees we offer. With a wide range in appealing colors and designs, we cater our customers with high quality. Whatever color or type you are looking for, you will easily find here. Our sarees are going to liven up your wardrobe.

Following categories of satin sarees are available just a click away:

  • Pure satin silk: plain yet classic, these sarees are going to give you a perfect glossy look at any occasion. Pair it with a contrasting colored blouse to bring out the wow factor.
  • Designer blouse with plain satin: distinctive designs of these blouses enhance the simple saree. Available in beautiful and appealing styles.
  • Printed satin: printed satin sarees are a top favorite among Indian women for ages. We have eye-catching prints in this fabric to liven up your wardrobe.
  • Satin and georgette silk: combine satin with georgette, and you get silky soft, highly manageable sarees fit for any formal event. Browse these sarees on our portal and you will know why.
  • Satin Patta saree: they are sarees in other materials with borders made of satin. They are one of the best selling party wear sarees in India.
  • Satin shibori: shibori sarees are tie and dye sarees. The color contrast looks beautiful and eye-catching. You can wear them on semi-formal events also.
  • Linen satin: linen satin is a combination fabric. It brings the comfort and lightness of linen and shine and silky texture of satin together. These kind of sarees are a popular choice for embroidery and are very comfortable.
  • Satin petticoats: satin petticoats are available in many colors. They are great for balancing the pleats of different kinds of sarees.


  • Wash carefully with a mild detergent to avoid fraying.
  • Avoid the spin dryer at all costs.
  • dry clean the formal sarees if needed.
  • Iron on low heat.

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How to Wear Satin Sarees?

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