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Silk Sarees


Since the days of its origin from the Indus Valley Civilization until today, saree is the most desired traditional attire for the women of the Indian subcontinent. Particularly, Indian silk sarees is as old as the discovery of silk itself. It won’t be wrong to say they top the list of the most sought after garments for Indian women since forever! Even today, the popularity of silk saree remains the same as it is the most favored apparel for religious festivities, weddings or other formal events.

Gone are the days when choosing the best saree for a special occasion meant roaming around numerous clothing stores. Enhance your style statement with classic sarees from Yuvina Fashion! Now, you can easily buy silk sarees online from the comfort of your home! Choose from a variety of traditional silk sarees including plain, printed, party wear, Kanchipuram sarees, Mysore sarees, Bandhani Sarees, Banarasi sarees, patola sarees, Chanderi sarees, Paithani sarees, Chanderi sarees, Kota sarees, designer sarees, and wedding sarees via Yuvina Fashion. 


  • Kanchipuram sarees:

Kanchipuram silk sarees are undoubtedly the queen of all sarees as they are made of heavy silk which is woven exclusively by the weaver of the town of Kanchipuram. Apart from being aesthetic, they are durable as well.

  • Mysore sarees: 

Mysore is popular for its rich silk from which these sarees are made. Beautiful Mysore sarees have a place of their own in saree lover’s hearts.

  • Bandhani sarees:

Bandhani sarees, also known as Bandhej sarees are made by tie and dye technique. Their pleasing design makes them a popular choice for festive occasions. 

  • Banarsi sarees:

The town of Banaras is famous for its decorous banarasi sarees. Made from intricate zari work on fine silk, these appealing sarees are popular worldwide.

  • Patola sarees:

Patola sarees, made with double ikat technique, are difficult to make and are the most colorful and diverse kinds of sarees. They are a specialty of Gujrat.

  • Chanderi sarees:

The fabric of beautiful Chanderi silk sarees is the thinnest and lightest silk. This quality makes them comfortable and a breeze to wear. Highly popular among those who are apprehensive of wearing heavy sarees.

  • Paithani sarees:

The magnificent soft Paithani silk sarees are from Maharashtra. They are handmade and considered as the finest type of saree which is why most Maharashtra brides wear it on their wedding day.

  • Kota sarees:

The elegant pure silk Kota sarees are a specialty of Kota, Rajasthan and are woven in such a way that it makes a check pattern on the fabric. 


Firstly, they give a royal feel to the wearer and look extremely graceful making it the most stunning ethnic wear option. They are practical in hot weather and winters alike due to the cooling and warming property of silk fabric. Moreover, it is an attire which doesn’t limit movement making it suitable for women who can do any kind of work while wearing it. They cover gracefully and at the same time give a feminine and fragile feel. So, whether you were planning to buy a beautiful red, golden, yellow, green, blue, pink, black, purple or a breathtaking saree of any other color or design, you can choose right now from a vast variety available at Yuvina Fashion.

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