Testimonial - Yuvina Fashion


Our order was received earlier than expected, that was nice! Jun 18, 2019.
-Mala Netherlands

Was impressed with all outfits! Will definitely order again! Overall very -happy!! Jun 18, 2019.
-Balvinder Australia

The product came within the scheduled time and is also good. Jun 18, 2019.
-Mosharrath United States

Yes, their quality is very good and customer service is really good, they try to help their best. Jun 18, 2019.
-Ippat United States

This item is more beautiful in reality then picture! It has much more sparkles to it. They made a great job! Nice sewing! Jun 18, 2019.
-Sandra Sweden

The products were fine, the service was perfect! Jun 17, 2019.
-Diana Hungary

System was very user friendly, followed by a prompt delivery service and good packaging of the product! Jun 17, 2019.
-Bushra Australia

The product is outstanding and perfect in quality and size. I’m very impressed with this! Really appreciate the effort to get it over to me quickly too! Jun 16, 2019.
-Krishant Australia

I am very thankful that you have high quality control to ensure that items dispatched are good. This is great customer service and makes us want to continue to purchase going forward from your company! Thank you! Looking forward to receiving the item! Jun 16, 2019.
-Shenaz Canada

We received this saree SUD949 and wanted to let you know that it is fabulous! Perfect, wonderful neat work and the fabric is amazing! Thank you. We look forward to ordering more from you in the future. Jun 16, 2019.
-Ambreen United States

I am very satisfied with the services! Thank you! Will definitely recommend others! Jun 16, 2019.
-Keshini Mauritius

I am very happy and satisfied with the delivered item. Jun 15, 2019.
-Rajashree India

Thank you very much for letting me know that the additional measurements have been taken into consideration. You guys have provided excellent customer service during the ordering process and I am very happy to do business with you. Looking forward to the dress. I have not been to India in years and this will be my first Indian dress in a long time. Thank you again and I am very happy with you prompt and intelligent customer service. Now looking forward to a great product!! Jun 15, 2019.
-Alpa United States

Customer service was very good, very responsive with my requests. Very satisfied customer!! Thank you! Jun 15, 2019.
-Dina United States

On-time delivery! Good customer service! Keep up the good job! Jun 14, 2019.
-Afreena United States

Yuvina delivered on time as per their promises made to me! The quality and stitch is excellent on the various dresses that I purchased. I gave up ordering since last year because of quality and shipment delays, but I am back again to continue shopping on this website after my recent good experience with Yuvina! Great Job and Thanks for keeping your promises!!!! Jun 14, 2019.
-Imtiaz United States

Wonderful, the item was as shown in the picture! Jun 14, 2019.
-Kavita Australia

Every item that was ordered was perfect fit as to my expectation! Love doing shopping with you guys! Love your work!! Jun 14, 2019.
-Anjila Australia

I’m very happy having the order in hand! It is exactly what I was expected! Jun 14, 2019.
-Taslima United States

Yes, very pleased with my buy and experience with you!! Jun 14, 2019.
-Bushra Australia